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Planning a wedding can be a nerve racking ordeal or it can be a creative joy. It all depends on who you enlist to help you.

Nearly everyone has attended at least one wedding, few of us have planned one from start to finish. The magazines, reality shows and internet searches may set an expectation of how it should all turn out, but how do you go from sitting down with a blank sheet and end up with a flawless event everyone remembers and talks about for years to come? Our answer - hire great vendors. Pick your most important event elements - the venue, the photographer, the entertainment, the food, the cake - and give it all you’ve got. Don’t try to skimp on the key elements, your event will suffer for it. And, run them through the paces - test them, research them, ask questions. If you don’t want them to crack on the day, they should be able to handle anything you throw at them. When you’ve found the perfect professional - book them. You know that if they are good, someone else will contract them for your day if you delay.

Just like cake decorators, entertainment vendors are not all the same flavor. Some will be better than others for your day. You should know going in what kind of event entertainment you are seeking. Some are refined and professional, some are rough around the edges; some are in the business to support their music addiction and others understand the role you will be asking them to play. A great wedding entertainer is part host, part emCee, part club DJ or band, part crowd energy manager. To be a great wedding entertainer, you have to be able to juggle all these characteristics and know exactly when it’s time to be each one. Rarely can a kid off the street with a big set of speakers and no experience perform all these needed roles without some disappointments. Experience counts when the event is a once in a lifetime.

With our experience in event planning and entertainment, we have developed a sound method of designing just the right role for your celebration. We meet with you and work up a top to bottom entertainment plan clearly defining your expectations so your day will be as smooth as possible. We customize our entertainment, hosting and songlists to your flavor and the ambiance you are creating. We have a vast catalog from which to draw just the right mood for each of the elements of your day. We dedicate our time to you being in, setup and ready long before your guests arrive. And, we are typically the last ones to leave, staying for as long as the party needs to go.

Getting started takes a phone call. In a one hour, FREE Consultation we can get the ball rolling, answer questions about what we may offer, or put your fears at ease about how smoothly you can contract wedding entertainment.

As a gift, we offer the questions below that any wedding entertainment vendor should be ready to answer - and our responses - for your preparation. FAQ - Questions every wedding DJ should be asked before you consider contracting their services.

Call us soon - our schedule is filling up. We look forward to planning your perfect day together!


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