Soundtrack To Your Day

Soundtrack To Your Day Featured

It’s your day for goodness sake - you should be able to dictate the sights, the sounds, the foods, the refreshments and the playlist! We agree.

When you contract a wedding vendor, you are in charge. We create a customized music library just for your event. That doesn’t mean that we don’t also arrive prepared to take requests or crank up your after party with the latest club ready tracks - we do. It’s only that we know how important presenting the perfect day is to a bride. We won’t push our favorite flavor on you.

Oh yeah, and one other very important note: We present clean music - not just radio clean, we mean family friendly, G rated clean. Hey, it’s in our name - KLE3N Entertainment. Unless you request otherwise, everything we play is suitable for everyone, from great grandma down to the little tikes. Now, we can’t guarantee that everyone wants to hear the exact same thing, but we know it will be clean.