About Us


Our Story

Though KLE3N Entertainment is a relatively new business identity (we officially opened for clients in 2014), the history of our service goes back nearly 30 years. From then until today several characteristics have remained constant - energy, precision, and creativity. As KLE3N Entertainment marches forward, we take pride in holding fast to those ideals; always share your vibe, be precise in everything you do, expand your horizons and stay vigilant at being relevant.

Our Services and Resources

We serve the Pacific Northwest from our base in Southern Oregon. We travel from Seattle, Washington to Medford, Oregon providing mobile performance equipment and entertainment. We offer economical services and resources for small venue entertainment from mobile PA systems, to professional DJing, including lighting effects and structural elements to transform any event into a party to remember. We also offer emCee services and party promotions including voicing advertising, authoring websites, designing event graphics and printing materials.

We strive to provide the best, family friendly entertainment possible from soft ambiance to club style dance parties.

What Makes Us Unique

We are a small, agile entertainment company with huge resources. We customize our preparation for every event as a once in a lifetime activity. We adapt to your exacting needs. In preparation for your event, you will meet with our DJ - the same DJ you will have at your event and our preparation will be specific to your activity. We have a vast amount of experience from which to draw and this allows us to be super flexible in our preparation and delivery.

Probably the most unique characteristic specific to KLE3N Entertainment is our vigilant adherence to high standards in both behaviour and preparation. We keep it clean - family style, G rated - KLE3N.

About Our DJ - DJ KLE3N

  Our DJ - DJ KLE3N (aka Dean Vincent) - got his start in 1982 when a high school work experience opportunity arose at the local FM radio station, KRSB radio right here in Douglas County, Oregon. At the tender age of 18, he quickly realized he had the chops to juggle playllist programming, taking requests, making on air announcements and promoting events. Music stuck to him.

Off to college, career and adventure, he got side tracked building a family, training for a profession and returning to Oregon from Arizona but he never shrunk from his dance roots. Country & western, pop, and some glam rock rounded out his playlists by the time the iPod transformed how we all consume music.

  When a need arose to host dance parties for a teen church event, his performance past was recalled and he was pressed into service.

Since that time he has had a permanent residency in Southern Oregon dropping at over 175 events as a DJ, decorator, promoter, and consultant for youth dances. Over the years he has also logged many dozens of weddings, events, shows, presentations, lectures and symposiums.

DJ KLE3N continues to deliver party worthy performances from his super KLE3N music library and is currently booking dates as far as twelve months out.