FAQ - Questions Every DJ Should Be Asked

Why should I use a DJ over just plugging in an iPod?

In a word - adaptation.  One of the most important tasks on the DJ’s job description is reading the crowd and adapting to the changing needs of the audience. An iPod can’t do that.  Some might think that running out sound from an iPod can save valuable budget dollars over hiring a professional.  Consider these statistics from Saint Louis Bride & Groom website when surveyed:  

  • 72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.
  • Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.
  • When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

A Bride chooses her photographer for her and the entertainment for her guests.  It’s a fact - the couple will keep the memories of their special day in the images captured by the photo pro.  But the guests will remember first the entertainment and program, and then the food and refreshments.

Will an iPod leave as lasting an impression of a fabulous day?  We don’t think so.


How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

DJ KLE3N has been a DJ in one form or another for over 30 years.  Beginning with radio in the early 80’s to being a mobile party DJ today, he has done more than 200 gigs and dozens of weddings. 

What other types of events do you do?

We do all kinds of events where parties are needed.  While we enjoy just spinning for background sounds, we really thrive on the energy of a good group festivity.  We have done grad parties, barn dances, house parties, family reunions, weddings and receptions, block parties, church dances, recitals, birthday parties, trade shows, auctions, funerals, and this goes on.

Venues and Performance

Have you played at our venue before?

Maybe.  But if we haven’t we sure want to.

Will you check out our venue prior to my event?

We always check out the venue before an event.  That’s just good planning.  By meeting the house coordinator we get a chance, before the stress of the event day, to review electrical plans, fire regulations, room layout, load in specifics, etc.  This helps us when we plan what equipment and cabling to bring, lighting necessities, and how long it will take us to get set up.  And, when we’ve been to the facility before, we never get lost on the way to your event.  ;-)

Will you act as the emcee and make all of the announcements?

We sure can.  Glassophobia is what they call it - the fear of public speaking - 74% of Americans have it.  We don’t.  If your event needs someone to do the speaking, we would be happy to serve and say whatever you need said.

What is your interaction style?

That’s a tough question.  Typically, energetic.  But with our experience, we can play it whatever way you desire.  We can be witty, subdued, reserved, professional, or uproarious.  We rarely succeed at being stuffy though. 

What will you wear to our event?

We are comfortable in whatever you require.  Typically we go with a light, black short sleeve shirt, a bow tie and slacks, but we can do black tie all the way down to shorts and sandals.

Can we see you in action?

It would be inappropriate to engage in sales at someone else's special day.  We hope you can understand.  If you engaged us to present at your event, you wouldn’t want us to be distracted with a future client and negotiating while we should be dedicating our attention to you.  We do, however, perform at events that are more open, like dances, that you are more than welcome to join.  And, of course, you are more than welcome to speak to any of our references about our abilities, style and professionalism.

Will you travel for my wedding?

Sure.  Depending on the location of your event, there may be additional fees.

Do you attend rehearsals?

If you would like us to.  We have a fee structure that includes attendance at rehearsals and even Rehearsal Parties.  We can discuss those details in our initial FREE Consultation.

Is your setup time included in your fee or do we have to pay extra?

Oh heavens - no. When you contract us, we go right to work putting together your playlists, itemizing the equipment we will bring and checking out the venue. We dedicate our entire day (or weekend, as the date requires) to your event. We will set up at the earliest possible hour to ensure that your event is ready to play and you will never pay extra for the time we invest in being ready to perform.

How much time do you need to setup?

That really depends on a few factors.  But typically, an hour or two.  That being said, we plan our work around the schedule for the day.  We prefer to set up early - or even the day before.  Thus allowing for any mishaps or early event detail changes.  When we commit to you, we commit the entire day.

What will you wear when you set up and break down your equipment?

Depending on the weather, we typically wear shorts and company T-shirts - moving gear, laying out cables, and wiring lighting systems tends to overheat the staff.  However, we will be cleaned up, dressed professionally and presentable long before the guests arrive.


Why does a professional sound system matter?

Clarity.  You really notice the quality difference when the volume is down low, or cranking hot.  Simple speakers may be able to get the essence of the sound into the room, but a quality system can  penetrate the space.  The better the system, the better you can push the sound into the room whether soft or loud.  In short, quality matters.

At KLE3N Entertainment, we use JBL Pro audio equipment.  Our system is expandable from house party size to full gymnasium sound.  Each setup is tuned and balanced with a sound engineering computer specific to the venue in which we perform.  This allows us to optimize our delivery for whatever material we present.

What are subwoofers and why do you include them in your setup?

Subwoofers are the speakers that you feel.  With a frequency range of  25Hz to 120Hz, these large cones fill out a performance sound in the low end giving music it’s full range.  No dance music should be performed without them. 

Do you have backup systems if needed?

Absolutely.  We bring two systems to every event we attend.  A sound system is a complicated set up; and moving delicate equipment sometimes takes it’s toll.  We set up early and have equipment redundancy to ensure that your special day isn’t marred by unfortunate events on our part.

Do you have wireless microphones available?

Yep.  We always have a wireless microphone for speeches, announcements, and interacting with the guests.  Should your event design require additional wireless equipment, we can provide and support more components at a small cost.

Do you have a “light show”?

Sure we do.  We include a custom designed light set up with our After Party option and can scale our event design all the way up to full club style accommodations.

What other services or equipment do you offer?

We have found that bringing the mood to an event is simple and highly impactful.  We can provide uplighting, custom monogramed gobo lights, illuminated fixtures, ceiling treatments, video screens, and all kinds of supplies. 


Where do you get your music?

We buy all of our music.  Since we run a digital system we buy all of it online and some of it we rent.  We are subscribers to a music POOL where we get the latest tracks when the are released to the industry.  We are also professional subscribers to Spotify for tracks we only use periodically.  For special content we have an account on BeatportPRO and we occasionally buy from Amazon.  We never download music illegally or trade with those who do.

How do you keep your music up to date?

We are constantly comparing our digital library to industry charts, trend outlets, and artist drops.  Because we also perform in residency, our library is naturally stocked with the latest dance music available.  Typically, we have hits before the radio station play them.  We also glean tracks as needed from older content we have had for years (some things just don’t go out of style). 

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

As we say - It’s your party.  We will work with any level of involvement you desire.  For most events, though, we only need 10 or 20 of your favorite songs and we can extrapolate a party playlist from there.  We always defer to a bride for special songs and reminiscent moods and all of our library tracks are family friendly, G rated.  If you have special requests or wish us to loosen our standards to meet your needs, we are open to discussing it prior to your event.

Can we supply a “Do NOT Play List?

You bet.  There is nothing worse than dropping a track at a wedding reception only to find out it was someone else’s “special” song.  We will quarantine anything you put on the DO NOT PLAY list for your event.

When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

We go right to work on researching music just as soon as the contract is signed and deposit is in.  We can take changes and requests up until the night before an event.  We would prefer, however, to have our library crates organized about a week in advance of your event.

How do you program your music while performing?

Harmonic Mixing and energy dynamics.  We specialize in reading the crowd.  Too many line dances and you wear them out.  Too many slow songs and you bore them out.  A good performer needs to know what will get them motivated and what will chill them down.  We always let the crowd rest when they begin to wither from the excitement.  

We also use Harmonic Mixing.  Effective implementation is a bit more complicated than can be explained here, but, in simple terms, we control the dancefloor by creatively choosing second songs that compliment or clash with the key of the preceding song as the need may be.  When done in a building set, the dancefloor energy compounds and elicits a fervor that is almost palatable.

Do you take requests during the evening?

Sure if that’s what our host would like us to do.  We always greet requesters warmly and professionally.  If we are taking requests, we qualify that we have the track, if it’s appropriate to play, and if it’s allowed to be played.  We try to get that request into the rotation as soon as possible.  If we are requested to play something that just doesn’t fit the above criteria, we are always polite and inform the requester about the status of their request.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

If the program indicates that a full dancefloor is the goal - we share energy.  With the use of the microphone, and dropping favorite tracks, we can get the guests to wiggle.  One secret, though (and all professional DJs know this), if the ladies are dancing - the crowd will get in to it.  We hold back a few crowd favorites for just such circumstances.  Works every time.

What is Beat Matching and why do I care that you know how to do it effortlessly?

In simple terms, Beat Matching is a DJ skill that carries one track’s energy and pulse into the next without pausing between beatlines.  The effects of employing this tactic is a constant drive to keep dancing with an elevating musical energy that increases over time.  Club DJs use this skill exclusively.  When your party includes a professional DJ, who knows how to deliver a club like feel, your guests retire with a praise of the event being great.

Can we hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks?

Sure, if you would like.  We can supply samples of our performances cut into a “mix tape” for your review upon request.

Costs and Conditions

How much does it cost to hire you for our event?

We are not the most expensive, but we are not the least.  We have found it easier for our clients to budget when we disclose exactly what our costs are for each option we provide.  But typically, our recent events have ranged from $350.00 up to $1200.00 for a single day event.

Will we meet in person before we commit to hiring you?

Absolutely.  We prefer it actually.  We know you have questions - so do we.  We feel that your event is a performance; any good performance requires collaboration.  Our initial consultation is FREE where we can discuss your vision and our contribution.  That meeting usually lasts about an hour.  After which we will have a game plan for bringing your vision to life.

Can we speak to your references?

We wish you would.  Employing us for your event is a big deal and we know that you need to be absolutely sure about moving forward with us on your team.  Our references can answer questions, give you guidance and put your mind at ease about how we can elevate your event planning stress.

How long will you hold our date for us?

Once your deposit is in hand, your day is reserved for you.  We will not cancel or overbook that date, period.

Do you perform at more than one event per day?

Nope.  There is too much that goes into bringing about the perfect party for us to divide our attention on your day.

Do you require a meal while at our event?

No - we come prepared.  That being said, if there are great eats, we might nibble (if you don’t mind).

Do you take breaks while performing?

We never let the party die.  Once in a while we may need to escape to the loo, but we can get back before the next track has to drop.  When we are contracted for your event, we are always ready to go.

What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during our event?

While we don’t mind if guests do, we don’t partake of either so it’s not an issue.

What do you require from us?

Clarity, good communication and forwarding your expectations.   We can commit to fulfill almost anything, so long as we know what you need. 

Business Issues

Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?

Oh - - ouch.  That is so crass!  At dance parties that we host and promote ourselves, maybe.  But at a contracted event performing on behalf of you - never.

Do you have insurance?

Yep.  Any professional doing business onsite at someone else’s facility should have insurance.  We carry a two million dollar policy and would be happy to forward proof and riders to any facility that requires it. 

Do you offer a written contract?

Absolutely.  After our initial FREE Consultation, we will have a written contract with all the details of your event outlined and documented.  Included in that contract are specifics about our commitment to you and your details in hiring us.

What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to my event?

In twelve years, we have never missed an event.  But, should some catastrophe arise, we will first try to replace ourselves, then try to hire someone of our caliber to fill in, and lastly or regrettably we will forward you a full refund including your deposit as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have more questions

Well, Contact Us you silly!  We would be more than happy to chat with you about any aspect of your event whether it be something in our industry or other vendors, we are here to help.